Saturday, January 7, 2012

Girls & Toys, Betty & Books!

Exclusive interview with Betty & Books!

It's a project dedicated on female sexual imaginary (and not only this) and the pleasure of art. To have a great time, in a informal place for socializing and much more.
Art + Pleasure + + +

Samina: Tell me a little about Betty & Books shop.
Elena: Betty & Books is a place that art and pleausure playing together. It's a feminine space.

Samina: What do you sell in Betty & Books shop?
Elena: Here you can find so many interesting things, we have so many design and luxury stimulators, so many art books of independent publishers. Like comics, illustrations and photography books.

Samina: I would like to know how much these design objects cost?
Elena: Try to know that, we have stimulator from 10 to 150 euro. in generale our clients pay on average something like 50 to 70 euro every time.

Samina: Tell me a little about your clients.
Elena: We have clients between 20 to 40 years old. Our young customers they are lesbian couples from 20 to 25. We sell so much vaginal balls for post-partum exercises. We consult with also so many different workshops.

Samina: What do you offer more?
Elena: We organize meetings with lessons for how to use sexy toys. We have bandage course  and cooking class also! We have also secret shop!

Samina: I want to thank you so much Elena for your time!

You can visit

If you have some experience about toys, share it here with me!


  1. Nice idea, interesting interview. Thanks Samina for your elegance in handling this matter ;)

  2. thank you sammiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:)))

  3. why they are called Toys and not Struments?!!! if their use is considered some sort of replacement of missing something else.., why they are considered as Toys?!! ;) Thank you so much Saaminaa.

  4. I love that shop!!!
    it's just about ENJOYING something else))))

  5. Great interview, short, sweet and right to the point. Thanks Samina!

  6. I'm about to get one of those mugs;)great post Samina:)

  7. I Love Your Job.Your Image & Your view.


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