Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Art week - Julian Schnabel

In this week begins international exhibition of contemprary art in Bologna. I would like to open this event with Julian Schnabel paintings.
I really like his art work so much. I decided to show you the series of "Plate Paintings" that during the 80's made him so famous!

The paintings are quite in a large size. In my pictures I focused so much in details.
So, what do you think about these art works?!

"My paintings take up room, they make a stand. People will always
react to that. Some people get inspired, others get offended.
But, that's good. I like that." Julian Schnabel


  1. Thinking can continue indefinitely....Gr8 :-)

  2. frankly I don't like them in a particular way! They look mediocre as a painting. Expressionism dosn't necessarily means painting "this way"...! Cheers

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