Monday, March 25, 2013

Alberto Moretti

Alberto Moretti
Women's A/W 2013-14
Venus Of Beauty
For the women’s Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection, Alberto Moretti celebrates beauty through
desire and sensuality. Woman is a modern Venus who wears refined and sensual shoes that
exalt the lines of her feet. As the couturier emphasises the silhouette of the body, elegant shoes,
characterised by chic and ironic details, reveal the skin thanks to the precise craftsmanship of
cuts and sinuous necklines.
Text: Alberto Moretti Press Office.
Alberto Moretti

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



A/W 2013-2014

Black To The Future

Furla and art. The two go hand in hand, even at Milano Moda Donna, with the Black to the Future project. Three videos. Three shards of pure art.
Three works that stand alone, but with an interlacing of visual references.
A fil noir, just like in the new FW 2013 collection, absolute black, the icon of a future that’s already here. And then, the frosty elements of a cold, ultra-sophisticated winter: snow, ice, water, together with a subtle note of femininity and elegance which ripples through the images. Each video is the unreservedly artistic elaboration of a theme in the collection. The first: a wild, elegant Siberian tiger. Drops of water spray off its coat, white spotted with black; they freeze, and they solidify. The second: the twirls of an ice-skater. Her dance, her bright, white skirt and a flower that echoes its shape. The third: choreographed waterworks, and only here is there colour. Fluidity and movement, in a continuous liquefaction of forms.
The artist is Davide Bedoni, a young talent on the international contemporary art scene. Italian and cosmopolitan, eclectic and offbeat. From Perù and Milan to New York and Japan. From videos to photography to art direction. Here, he experiments with the most innovative forms and techniques. Slow motion is taken to extremes, using the legendary Phantom. Flowers are treated with nitrogen so that they disintegrate into a thousand fragments.
The production was complex too, carried out by Collateral Films, a creative production agency which seeks to create a fusion of fashion and art in its own unique style. A 150 sq. m ice rink is set up as a photographic studio, and a 210 kg Siberian tiger brought in from Germany. The sound design is by Guido Smider, another young artist known for his emotional acoustic atmospheres.
Furla thus continues its promotion of the most interesting, promising new Italian artists, introducing them to a wider audience and help their talent to grow through the Fondazione Furla and the Furla Art Award.
Text: Furla press office

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