Thursday, May 31, 2012

Janette Beckman, Made in UK!

Janette Beckman is an English documentary photographer born in London and living and working in New York.
Here you can find some of her Street Photography!
I was in her art/photography show in Bologna.
You can visit ONO arte contemporanea gallery!

ONO arte contemporanea
May 2012
The street style from Punk to Thatcher
Janette Beckman


  1. Janette Beckman dose not offer anything so special or different in this series of her pictures! We saw many images like this from the middle of 1950s till 1980s and even later... and honestly I am deeply anoied to see these Zombis with their nauseating gestures and behaviors!!! Ordinary photos of a sick and outcast western socity's decay!

    1. Hello Unknown,
      If we were thinking all in a same way honestly everything was boring. So, Anyway thanks for your opinion!


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