Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Digital Beauty

"Woman in a virtual metropolis, mixing and matching streetwear and evening wear. Re-intrepreted parkas, bikers, and tuxedo focusing on the conttrast between different textures and light.
These young women who cross the city in seven-league boots are post-punk, post-chic but above all technological".
Ennio Capasa, designer

So what you want more? In this collection as usual you can see a wonderful design and good taste and creativity of Ennio Capasa.
A strong woman that likes to listen to the good music. She loves to go to the rock concerts... And she knows well how to dress up!
We love C'N'C and I love you Ennio Capasa. You are my favorite designer!
R O C K  O N!

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