Monday, April 2, 2012


A/W 2012-2013
From morning to evening, catwalk to shops, creative concept to product. With touches of color and neon, Furla paints a new picture this winter.

From the Greek, meaning new, “neon” is Furla’s emblematic colour for next season. This Autumn-Winter presents strong, unconventional tones- yellow, orange and fuchsia, together with lipstick red, green and grape purple. Sparkling styles for a season that combats all negativity. Positive and vital, driven by an intense desire for rebirth, it is in perfect accord with the new direction inaugurated by Furla on all fronts, from the creative concepts of communications and fringe activities.

The ultimate expression of this concept is the new “Furla and I” It-Bag which is reversible, versatile and functional. It is a bag that is close to women, aligns to their everyday hopes and dreams. As well as serving as the slogan for the new campaign, “Furla and I” is above all, a declaration of the brand’s complicity with its consumers. It is a creative concept that runs through the entire collection and through Furla’s philosophy.

The Autumn-Winter 2012/13 collection is a 24-hour tour of the city’s beating heart. It begins at dawn, in a rarefied atmosphere yet one that is full of energy, between the transparency of skyscrapers and the petrol blue of the sky. Then the city awakes, with new graphic designs, microprints and crafted details: natural, relaxed and eclectic elegance, even at moments of intense work activity, with rock quotations and bold contrasting animal prints. The evening brings with it the desire to go out on the town: fun, feminine materials with semi-transparent glittery rubber and metallic nappa leathers recalling disco lights.

This highly creative collection is accompanied by an artistic performance dedicated to the press and created by ‘Sissi, which confirms the union between art and fashion that has always been one of the company’s distinctive features. It is an event installation with models whose faces are concealed, modelling the "Furla and I" bag in its most ironic, imaginative and fun variations.

Text: Furla press office

I love Furla bags, what about you?!


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